We received another letter expressing support for Melanie Oudin. She is a member of the Believer community and we would like to share her message with all of you.

To Cherry of Milwaukee, kindly know that Melanie deeply appreciates your support and she is grateful that you have stuck with her through thick and thin.

Here is the content of Cherry’s letter:

Dear Melanie,

I am one of your believers from the time you started your career in the amateurs up to now that you have retired from the sport that you have loved so much. I still have your posters and a compilation of every newspaper article and magazine that featured you and your games. I just want to say that you brought so much pride and joy to the US with the way that you played the game. You fought your games bravely. You are a good example to the youth with what you have shown us throughout your career. I fervently hope that you feel better and that your health will be restored. It is okay that you already retired from playing tennis if that is what your body needs. As for me, I will cherish all those moments that I watched you play tennis so naturally. Champs like you are never forgotten. The sport of tennis may have lost one of its fiercest competitors. At such a young age, you have shown the world what it takes to win games – that is to believe in yourself and in your capabilities. You have played the sport so well that it will surely transcend the number of years you spent on the tennis court. You said in an interview that tennis had given you so much. Let me tell you this, in the same manner, you have given us so much of yourself. So, thank you for all that and more. More power and good luck in your other endeavors.